Chaldon International Ltd is located in the United Kingdom and represents George Risk Industries Inc. (GRI) throughout the world, excluding the Americas and certain Pacific Rim countries. The products available range from simple magnetic contact sets for security and safety applications, through high security switches and access control, to environmental controls for home, commercial and industrial premises.

Chaldon’s brief is to establish and support internationally recognised security distributors throughout our territory, and to provide full sales and support to those countries where no distributors are presently established.

In those countries where we do not have representation, we invite local distributors to consider representing Chaldon in their country and to contact Chaldon International in the first instance. All enquiries for GRI products from that territory will then be directed through this new distributor. We do not expect you to stock large quantities of specific products as we are able to supply manageable quantities within acceptable time scales. We much prefer you to consider a representative range of our products instead of having to buy a few items in bulk.

Are you a dealer or installer in a country where we currently have no representation, and wish to purchase product direct?  Then please contact Chaldon, as we welcome the opportunity to accept your order and continue to supply you until a distribution channel is established.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with a specific requirement and who wish to source customised GRI products, are also welcome to contact Chaldon International and we will be pleased to assist.