Switch Accessories

Armoured Disconnect Cable

Download Cutsheet BA-210 Download Cutsheet BA-229 The G.R.I. Armored Cable Extensions with Connectors were designed for use with the G.R.I. Pull Apart switch sets, but can be used with a variety of our industrial and overhead contacts.

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Bulk Armoured Cable

Download Cutsheet BA-228 G.R.I offers three different SquareLok armored cable sizes and is capable of producing our commercial and industrial switches with special length leads to fit our customers’ requirements.

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Rare Earth Mighty Magnets

Download Cutsheet BA-157 Mighty Mags assist in resolving the installer’s problem of drilling into the new thinner, vinyl windows. These rare earth magnets are less than 1/8″ high and install fast and easily without worry over damage to the window itself.

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