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The G.R.I. 290 Series Door Monitors have been designed to monitor access points leading to or from a controlled area, thus preventing doors from being accidentally left open or purposely propped open for extended periods of time. The 290 Series Door Monitors are fully self-contained alarm systems that can be mounted locally or remotely to monitor an access door using a simple closed loop magnetic reed switch. A perfect solution for that single exit door at the end of a long hallway or that isolated doorway everyone seems to forget about.


  • Monitors Entry/Exit

  • Delay/Shunt Time Reprogrammable

  • Alarm Sounding Auto Reset Capable

  • Surface or Flush Mount Models

  • Remote Sounders and Control Options

  • Low Battery Indicator

  • Built-in Battery Backup Capable

  • Optional A or C Form Relay Outputs

189-1/289-2 GRI Pool Alarm

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