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The 20F and 20 OF Series are a flush mount design that enable the installer to combine the security of a screw mount flanged switch with the concealment of a press fit switch. They have been used in hollow aluminum frames where inadequate material depth will not reliably retain a press fit switch and in holes that have been drilled or have somehow become slightly oversized. They are available in 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ gap. Mounting hardware is provided.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Colors: White, Brown, Gray or Black
  • UL and ULC Approved
  • Available in Closed Loop, Open Loop, SPDT and DPDT20 OF-12
  • Standard 12″ Leads
  • Longer Leads, Zip Cord or Jacketed Cable on Request
  • Built-in E.O.L. Resistors and Diodes Available on Request
  • Switches or Magnets are Available Separately
  • Round or Oval Flange Available
  • Standard Gap 1/2″+
  • Wide Gap 1″+
  • Extra Wide Gap 1 1/2″+
  • Supervisory Loops Available

20 OF-12
20 OF-12

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