Customer’s Orders
Chaldon will accept customer’s orders in writing either by email, fax or post. Verbal orders with or without an order number will not be accepted. All orders will be acknowledged.

Credit facilities can be made available subject to the receipt of satisfactory references. New customer’s orders will be subject to Pro forma invoicing until satisfactory credit facilities have been established. A credit limit may be placed on the account and the customer is expected to ensure that this limit is not breached when goods are supplied on a regular basis.

Ownership of Goods
The goods supplied shall remain under the ownership of Chaldon International Ltd. until the invoice, including any freight content, has been paid in full.

Prices, Currencies and Payments due.
Invoices shall be paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice, unless agree in writing at the acceptance of the customer’s order.  
Payments may be made into Chaldon bank accounts in ;-    $US, £ Stg and Euros. Prices quoted are based on the $US, and payments in other currencies will be accepted calculated on the prevailing exchange rate at the date of the invoice.
All prices quoted in $US, £Sterling, or Euros will be “ex works” either ;-
George Risk Industries Inc. Kimball, Nebraska USA, or
Chaldon International Ltd, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.
and exclusive of any freight, taxes and duty.  
Further, charges to obtain support documentation from Chambers of Trade and Embassies shall be made at cost and are non refundable.

Arrangements can be made to ship using local carriers contracted to GRI or Chaldon or using the customer’s own carrier.  Any charges for freight will be added to the invoice.  
Goods in transit are sent at the customer’s risk and under the carrier’s terms and conditions. The carrier’s insurance, if available, will remain in place unless the customer requests that added insurance is required, a quote obtained and the value of the insurance added to the invoice.  Neither GRI nor Chaldon will accept claims for lost or damaged goods above the value specified in the carrier’s standard terms and conditions.

Wherever possible GRI and Chaldon will obtain tracking details for the consignment and track the goods on the customer’s behalf.  
Bank Charges.
A charge of $25 minimum will be added to the invoice to cover the “sender’s bank charges” where no guarantee that the sender will pay his own charges is received. Credit will be given where the sender’s charges are not forwarded to the Chaldon bank account for payment.

Quality Matters
Unless stated elsewhere, all GRI contact sets supplied outside of the United States carry a ten year warranty against defective materials and manufacture.  Electronic modules and sensors carry a one year warranty.

Please refer to the GRI warranty document for details of the conditions under which product shall be deemed to be covered by Warranty.  Please note, before a warranty claim can be considered, all suspect items must be returned to either GRI or Chaldon International for evaluation.