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Download Cutsheet BA-237

The Micro 500 switch is aimed at residential applications where aesthetics and small size play a large consideration in the switch choice. It offers the installer alternative wire configurations, end or side leads, flying leads or zip cord and a choice of wire lengths. All help to make installations and connections quick and easy, saving you time and money. Available in regular
gap of 1/4”+. The flexibility of its small overall size allow it to become part of the existing decor. It can be mounted and
hidden, for example, in the track of a sliding door or crank out window. Offered in white or brown, with 3M double sided
tape attached.



  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Standard 12” #26AWG leads
  • 3M Double Sided Tape Attached
  • Available in closed loop and open loop
  • Standard gap up to 1/4”+
  • Longer leads or zip cord upon request
  • Switches or magnets available separately
  • Plated contacts resist sticking or freezing

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