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20RS-12The G.R.I. recessed “shortie” switch set is designed for applications where a 3/8″ press to fit set is needed but space limitations will not allow for a full length set to be installed. With the 5/8″ 20RS-12, or the .930″ 20RS-T, the installer is able to protect openings that otherwise would have to be secured with more visible surface mount configurations. Available in regular and extra wide gaps, the 20RS series provides an easy answer to the difficult, high dollar window problems every installer encounters.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Colors: White, Brown, Gray
  • UL and ULC Approved
  • Available in Open Loop, Closed Loop and SPDT20RS-T
  • 3/8″ Diameter, Press To Fit
  • Standard Lead Length 12″ or Terminal Block
  • Longer Leads, Zip Cord or Jacketed Cable on Request
  • Ideal for Thin Framed Doors & Windows
  • Built-in Resistors & Diodes Available on Request
  • Switches or Magnets Available Separately
  • Standard Gap 3/4″+
  • Extra Wide Gap 1″+

5/8″ Length

.930″ Length


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