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Surface Mt Button and Sounder SGRemote Sounder:
A remote sounder, Model No. 184-2 or 184-7 can be added to all G.R.I. 189 and 289 Series Pool Alarms to increase the area that the alarm can be heard. Tested to 2017 Audibility Standards as per ITS, Report #J20041913-001.
Remote Shunt Button:
If two doors are to be monitored by a G.R.I. 189 or 289 Series Pool Alarm/Door Alert, a remote shunt button, Model No. 184-3 or 184-6 can be added. The Pool Alarm is mounted next to one door and the remote button by the other. Either button will cause the Door Alert to go into its shunt mode.
Remote Sounder and Shunt Button:
A Remote Sounder and Shunt Button combination unit, Model 184-4 or 184-8 can be added to additional exits. This will not only extend sounder coverage, but also provide the adult pass thru feature and alarm shunt control functions to each remote location chosen.


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