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Designed to accommodate the new lower power consumption electronics the G.R.I. DC to DC regulated power supplies, will maintain a set +5V DC output at 350 mA from a 12V DC supply in the model 2930 or from a 24V DC supply in the model 2933.

For applications requiring a plug-in AC to DC conversion the model 2935T will convert and step down 110V AC to a +5V DC regulated output at 700 mA.

Standard applications capable of utilizing a non-regulated plug-in AC to DC power supply can best use the model 6973 to convert 110V AC to a non-regulated 9V DC at 50 mA output.

The G.R.I. 8065 is a class II U.L. 12V DC Regulated 500 mA Power Supply with red LED indicator for power supervision, and built-in cable strain relief. It comes with a mounting tab and mounting screw. Recommended for use with the 189/289 G.R.I. Series Pool Alarms.



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