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Download Cutsheet BA-226

150RS-12Larger than 3/8” but smaller than 3/4”, the GRI 150RS Series is a one-half inch diameter, flush mount contact. This  1/2” diameter design allows additional “working room” for extra wire, E.O.L. resistors, etc. Manufactured from a  special polyvinyl material, the unique collar design will “press-fit” into hollow core aluminum or vinyl clad windows with a “snap-in” fit. The 150RS can be ordered with 12” leads or screw terminals.

The G.R.I. 150RS is paired  with a matching 1/2” magnet case to offer the installer a 1/2”+ gap. The 150RS switches can also be paired with any of the wide selection of G.R.I. magnets to help resolve difficult installation applications, including our MF-875.


  • 12” #22AWG Leads or Screw Terminals
  • Designed for Hollow Core Doors and Windows
  • Hole size allows for extra wire, etc.
  • 1/2”+ Standard Gap
  • Installs firmly in wood, vinyl and aluminum

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