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Download Cutsheet BA-159

150-12Larger than 3/8″ but smaller than 3/4″, G.R.I introduces their newest innovative switch design, the one-half inch diameter, flush mount, 150-12. This new design is in response to requests from our customers for a switch that would give them additional “working room” for extra wire, E.O.L. resistors, etc., yet would more readily install in the increasingly popular hollow core windows.


  • Designed for Hollow Core Doors & Windows

  • Hole Size Allows for Extra Wire, etc.

  • Up to One Inch Standard Gap

  • Installs Firmly in Wood, Vinyl and Aluminum

  • Recessed Magnetic Contact

  • Press or Snap Fit

  • 12″ #22AWG Leads

  • Longer Leads, Zip Cord or Jacketed Cable Upon Request

  • Hermetically Sealed

  • Plated Contacts Resist Sticking or Freezing

  • Built-in E.O.L. Resistors and Diodes Upon Request

  • Switches and Magnets Available Separately

  • Colors: White or Brown

  • Lifetime Warranty


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