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The GRI series of commercial and industrial switch sets offers the installer two choices. The 400 Series incorporates hidden terminals, inset into the recessed back to provide tamper resistant installations. The 410 Series has the standard terminals located on the top of the switch. Both options give the installer a regular gap of 1 1/2″, while the wide gap version is up to 3 1/4″, which covers the various types of steel door and frame conditions found at every commercial and industrial site. Spacers and mounting hardware are included with the set. The 410P version offers 3 feet of 2 conductor cable. Switches, magnets and mounting brackets are also available separately.




  • Lifetime Warranty

  • UL and ULC approved

  • UL 10C Fire Rates

  • Standard gap up to 1 1/2″

  • Wide gap up to 3″

  • Screw terminals (400 and 410)

  • 36″ 2 conductor jacketed leads (410P)

  • Longer Lead lengths available on request

  • Screw Mount

  • Concealed Terminals

  • Spacer and mounting screws included

  • Built-in E.O.L. resistors and diodes on request

  • Supervisory loops or dummy terminals on request

  • Private labeling on request

  • Switches or magnets are available separately



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