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Download Cutsheet BA-120

This unique invention has been designed in response to requests from installers for a switch that would allow window venting of four to six inches before breaking contact and creating an alarm condition. The VS-06 will allow the homeowner to arm his system and at the same time permit venting of any window on which the Vent Switch has been installed.

A window so equipped, either slider or double hung, can be opened or closed while the VS-06 maintains an extended influence of approximately six inches at 1/2″ air gap. VS-08 maintains an extended influence of approximately eight inches at 1/2″ air gap.


  • Aids in preventing false alarms

  • UL and ULC approved

  • Linear travel of 6″ or 8″

  • Standard air gap of 1/2″+

  • Standard switch length 6″ or 8″

  • 36″ Zipcord Lead Standard

  • Custom Switch and Lead lengths available

  • Eliminates disarming system when opening or closing windows

  • Supervisory loops available

  • Wire Leads or Terminals


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