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Download Cutsheet BA-171

The G.R.I. 250WG has an expanded area of activation which was designed for doors that don’t return to the exact or approximate position upon closure. Ideally, the installer should determine total travel from left to right and from front to back. Locating the center position in both directions should determine the best placement of the switch. Standard switch length is 7 1/2” with a 36” armored cable lead, but
switch and lead can be custom ordered in any length required. All mounting hardware including lead anchors is provided as well as 1 S-12 mounting bracket for the actuating magnet. A 1/4” masonry bit is required for lead anchor installation.



  • Designed Especially For Loose Fitting, Worn or Damaged Overhead Doors

  • Expanded Area of Activation For Doors That don’t return to the exact or approximate position upon closure

  • Standard Switch Length is 7 1/2” with 36” Armored Cable

  • Up to 3.25” Gap

  • Extruded Aluminum Floor or Wall Mount Switch

  • Custom Switch and Lead Lengths Available

  • Screw Mount

  • Magnet, Bracket and Mounting Hardware Included

  • Lifetime Warranty

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